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School Policy

School Building Policy

  • Once students enter the building for breakfast or class, they are not allowed to leave the building except during lunchtime and after extra curricular activities are finished.
  • During lunchtime, the students are allowed outside in the following areas ONLY
    • Courtyard (defined as the area up to the walking pathway.)
    • Basketball Courts
    • Soccer Field
  • Students who need to leave campus or go to a restricted area must notify and receive approval from a teacher AND an administrator.
  • These areas are off limits for students unless accompanied or approved by faculty or administrator
    • Guesthouse building
    • First program building including the playground and benches
    • Townhouses

Dorm Building Policy

  • The dorm building will be open during these times only until 10pm
    • Monday : 15:30 ~ 17:15
    • Tuesday ~ Thursday : 16:30 ~ 17:15
    • Friday : 15:30 ~ 15:50

Lab Time Policy

  • All students must be on the second floor of the building at all times.
  • Students who need to go downstairs (nurse, cafeteria, gym) must receive permission/hall pass from a teacher or administrator.
  • Students who do not need to consult with teachers and wish for quiet time must go to the library.
  • Students are not allowed to hangout in the staircase.

After School Extra-curricular Policy

  • Students who do not have afterschool EC or have their EC end early must be in the library quietly. They will NOT be allowed to use their own computers. If they need a computer, they will use the library computer.