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The library's mission is to provide a place where students can work individually and in small groups; where they can browse through open shelves and sample new interests; where teachers can pursue their own research and interests. It is also a place to which the entire community can look as a source of tradition and permanence on the campus.

With the overhead budget of 700,000 USD, library for First Program will occupy 190m2 or 1,839 sq ft of space and 1.050m2 or 11,302 sq ft for Middle and High school. The aim of the library is to provide quality services that are sufficiently flexible to meet the challenges of educational, societal and technological change while still maintaining the traditional role of the library as a locus for the academic life of the community.


CDS Library Policy

Library Hours
Our working hours are as follows:
  • Monday: 7:50 A.M. ~ 3:30 P.M. (can be changed because of teacher’s meeting)
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 7:50 A.M. ~ 5:00 P.M.
  • Friday: 7:50 A.M. ~ 4:00 P.M.
Students are also allowed to use library during their recess or lunch break time.
Library Borrowing Policy
Students may borrow up to 2 books at a time for a period of two weeks.
Any book may be renewed for an additional two weeks, unless there is a reserve on the book. The books must be brought to the library in order to be renewed.
Lost Books
If a book has been overdue more than a month, the library will send a message home, including the cost of the book (plus shipping fee). If the item is found and is returned in good condition, the student will be reimbursed for the cost that she or he paid.
Computer use in library is restricted to academic purposes only, not for personal use (e.g. game, online chatting, shopping, and etc)
Library Etiquette
The library is a place to read, study, or work on school assignment. It is not a place to socialize or play computer games.
Students are expected to be quiet and considerate of other students and facilities at all times Food and drink is NOT permitted in the library.