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Working at CDS

I am of the opinion that the influence of a teacher's conversation with an individual child on any ordinary academic subject is much more potent than what is said in a class lesson. Those of us who are older often hear sermons or lectures which inspire us, and if we are privileged to talk over points with the the preacher or lecturer afterwards, the effect is much more emphatic and permanent. But how many class lessons have children to listen to which are boring and useless, and others where they are not sufficiently interested to ask a question? If we use class teaching and individual work in their proper places the best results will follow.

Helen Parkhurst


The role and guidance of teachers are pivotal for academic success at Cheongna Dalton School (CDS). We are a progressive school and we have a dedicated community with high expectations – excellence in teaching, full involvement in the school’s development and with extra-curricular activities. Candidates considering working at CDS should be prepared to meet these expectations in addition to the regular teaching load. Below are some of the qualities we look for in teaching our teaching team.

Basic Qualities
  • Experienced, qualified and highly professional
  • Child focused – warm, caring and supportive
  • Ability to work with parents and be part of a community
  • Team player – collaborative, adaptable, positive and flexible
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • General interest in Korea
  • Stable and balanced personal life
  • Experience in organizing school events and extra-curricular activities
Pedagogical Profile
  • Familiarity with American educational system preferred. (progressive education is a plus)
  • Inquiry-based, activity-based, content mastery and hands-on learning
  • Using local context and environment to enhance learning
  • Multi-cultural approach or experiences
  • Stimulating classroom environment
  • Experience in differentiating teaching techniques and classroom management abilities

Teacher Expectations

School Year
Each school year has approximately 180 contract days, starting in mid-August with faculty orientation and ending at the end of June. The winter break in December is approximately 5 to 6 weeks, and the summer break is approximately 7 to 8 weeks, from June to August. In the fall term, the students normally start school on the last week of August right after the teacher orientation.
Working Hours
The school schedule is based on 75 minute period per class on a block schedule. Teachers are expected to work 8 hours a day not including 1 hour allocated for lunch. Apart from teaching, time should be allocated for planning, preparation and classroom management, and general meetings with colleagues and parents.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Extra-curricular activities including advisement for clubs and/or coaching for sports take place after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
After School Meetings
Staff meetings are compulsory for all teachers and are held once a week after school. Teachers are also required to attend the after school collaborative planning meetings.

Administration Staff Expectations

Service Orientation
We believe that education is a service industry. Our Administration Staff are expected to provide teachers, colleagues, students, parents/guardians and leadership the right information at the right time with the highest professionalism.
We are looking for hard working, honest, responsible staff members. Everyone in the CDS community will uphold to the highest standard that models to others.
Our Administrative staff members are expected to be proficient in both English and Korean. We know that our world is getting smaller through the aid of technology. The ability to speak more than one language allows us to be part of the larger global community.