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World Experience

World Experience

The experience from CDS allows students opportunities to shape their own educational experience.

We believe that our students’ educational experience will be enhanced by experiencing the world around them as well as of their neighboring regions

At Cheongna Dalton School, students from Grade 1 to 4 will take various field trips within Seoul, Incheon and other regions in Korea. Host country of Korea has long and rich history. It is our hope that our students learn to appreciate the cultural resources within the country and allow it to become a strong platform to learn about others.

Students from Grade 5 to Grade 8 participate in week-long Korea and/or East Asia (China and Japan) studies field trips. Situated between two countries known also for their rich heritage as well as their economic prowess, it is our hope that our students learn to be familiar with the significance of the region.

Students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 participate in week-long Asia and/or countries outside of Asia (Europe, Americas, or Australia). As our students prepare for colleges, it is our hope that our students can choose to be anywhere in the world to further their higher education careers. Regardless of the majors or careers they choose, we hope the exposure to these regions will help to widen our students’ perspective about the world.