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High School

Freshman Year (9th Grade)

Courses Course Option
English Literature and Composition
Social Studies World History 1
World Languages Chinese, Spanish
Mathematics Geometry or Algebra2
Science Biology
Arts Choose one full year course in one of the Arts: Drama, Music, or Visual Arts
Physical Education Physical Education

Sophmore Year (10th Grade)

Courses Course Option
English Literature and Composition II
Social Studies World History 2 or AP World History
World Languages Chinese, Spanish or Korean
Mathematics Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus
Science Chemistry
Arts AP Psychology or Visual Art, Music or Drama
Physical Education Physical Education

Junior Year (11th Grade)

Courses Course Option
English Literature and Composition III or AP Language & Composition
World Languages Chinese, Spanish
Mathematics Pre-Calculus or Calculus or AP
Science Physics or AP
Social Studies US History or AP
Electives Interested students may choose from available offerings
Mandatory courses for Korean Accreditation Korean 10, Korean History

Senior Year (12th Grade)

Courses Course Option
English Literature and Composition IV or AP
Electives Interested students may choose from available offerings
Health Issues Students will be assigned to online health classes for either the Fall or Spring term
Senior Project Students may start in their junior year
AP Course List
AP Biology AP Physics C
AP Calculus AB AP Psychology
AP Calculus BC AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Chemistry AP Statistics
AP Chinese Language and Culture AP US History
AP Economics AP World History
AP Literature and Composition AP Language and Composition
AP Studio Art

The above courses are offered to the students of CDS.

Time Table for High School

Hours High School
08:00 ~ 08:10 House
08:15 ~ 09:30 Period 1
09:35 ~ 10:50 Period 2
10:55 ~ 12:10 Period 3
12:10 ~ 12:40 Lab
12:40 ~ 13:20 Lunch
13:25 ~ 14:40 Period 4
14:45 ~ 16:00 Period 5 or CC

* Courricular activities take place two days per week from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm.

In CDS High School, each class is 75 minutes long for all grades. There are 10 minute breaks between classes for High School. High School students may utilize the combined Lab and Lunch time of 70 minutes for advisement and/or eating. Time will be allotted for 'Lab' purposes. 'Lab' gives students the opportunity for individual consultation with teachers or for small group interaction with peers as they pursue and extend the study prescribed in the Assignment. Lab also enables students to personalize their learning experience. The Assignment structures the classroom experience. Individual Assignments generally take four to six weeks to complete and serve as guides to student learning. Often, Assignments offer opportunities for students to pursue a topic in a unique way and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of forms. Ideally, an Assignment is a starting point for learning and, through Lab, students may individualize and extend their learning. The one-to-one or small group format of Lab fosters close relationships between students and teachers.

Every High school student should choose 1 activity during Extra-curricular Activities time.

If students wish to receive academic accreditation from the Korean government to enroll in Korean university, students must take at least 4 classes per week in two subjects: Korean Language and Social Studies including Korean History.

Graduation Requirement

To graduate from Cheongna Dalton School, students must receive a minimum of 22 academic credits and fulfill the requirements in Arts, Health, Physical Education, and Service Learning listed below. All students should be computer literate. Specific departmental requirements are :

subject years Minimum Credits Required Recommended for College
English 4 4 4
Social Studies 3 3 4
Mathematics 3 3 4
Science 3 3 4
World Language 3 3 4
Fine Art 1 1 1
Health Education On-line (12th grade) P/F P/F
Physical Education 3 2 2
Electives 4 3 2
Service Learning 60Hours

* Senior project is included in the elective requirement.

1 credit consists of 3 courses of 75 minutes per week for one year. School contact days are approximately 180 days per year. English, History, Languages, Math, and Science are considered core courses. A student taking a full course load at CDS will graduate with 26 credits. Entry into all AP subjects is restricted by prerequisites.