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First Program

CDS First Program enables our students to obtain knowledge through hands-on enperience (experiential activities) as well as classroom activities. and field trips in diverse environment.

Four Year Education Plan

Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Language Art - K Language Art - 1 Language Art - 2 Language Art - 3 Language Art - 4
Mathematics - K Mathematics - 1 Mathematics - 2 Mathematics - 3 Mathematics - 4
Social Studies - K Social Studies - 1 Social Studies - 2 Social Studies - 3 Social Studies - 4
Science - K Science - 1 Science - 2 Science - 3 Science - 4
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Fine Art* Fine Art* Fine Art* Fine Art* Fine Art*
World Language** World Language** World Language** World Language**

Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) offers grade K to 4 for the First Program (FP).
We stress the importance of developing the whole child and we value each child's developmental characteristics, cognitive strengths, cultural heritage, and individual needs. Our teachers utilize the three elements of the Dalton Plan (House, Assignment, and Lab) to help the learning process of our students. Our teachers will be progressive, responsible, and innovative. Teachers will implement hands-on, experiential activities to enable students to acquire essential skills, to engage in creative thinking, to broaden knowledge, and to deepen their understanding.

With the new First Program school building, an atmosphere of informality, spontaneity, and interaction will take place where students will be encouraged to be actively engaged in their learning by speaking up, working together in teams, and developing their own ideas to share with others. Students will learn through direct experiences as well as book learning. They will learn about their world through engagement with their neighborhood, and their city. Community responsibility will be stressed as CDS is committed to our students learning about, practicing, and promoting sustainable development.

Every First Program students should choose 2 activities. One activity meeting twice a week and the other activity meeting once a week.

Time Table for First Program (K ~ Grade 4)

Periods Hours
House 08:00 ~ 08:15
1st Period 08:15 ~ 09:30
Lab / Recess 09:30 ~ 09:45
2nd Period 09:50 ~ 11:05
3rd Period 11:05 ~ 11:55
Lunch 12:00 ~ 12:50
4th Period 12:55 ~ 13:45
5th Period 13:50 ~ 14:40
6th Period* 14:50 ~ 15:40
House* 15:40 ~ 16:00

* On Fridays, First Program classes finish at 2:40 PM after 5th Period.