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Mission and Values


We seek to educate our students in the tradition of excellence building on the Dalton Plan so that our students will engage in the global community with intellectual independence, creativity, curiosity and compassionate mind.



Educational Philosophy

The Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) provides an academically rigorous, progressive educational environment that promotes active inquiry. Students who graduate from the CDS are not only academically capable but a person with character and curiosity. CDS seeks to develop well-rounded students who can become global leaders in the world today. CDS students are taught how to be intelligent, independent, and responsible so that they may be successful adults in the global world.

With the Dalton Plan as the foundation for the curriculum, the program is designed to offer our students opportunities to acquire content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and collaboration skills through inquiry, experimentation, and research and analysis. Furthermore, students take control of their own educational experience by learning how to make use of their free and lab time.

As such, students who graduate from CDS will embody the following qualities:


CDS students exhibit a developed sense of ethics by:

  • Maintaining a consistent set of values based on careful thought and the critical study of a variety of belief systems
  • Applying those values to their choices, and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions
  • Demonstrating integrity in all aspects of their lives

CDS students demonstrate self-motivation in learning by:

  • Giving thoughtful consideration to the direction of their own learning and experiences throughout their lifetimes
  • Independently striving for deeper knowledge in the areas of study they favor
  • Exploring those areas in an academically rigorous manner
Critical Thinking

CDS students observe and process their world by:

  • Carefully selecting documents and media from a wide range of digital, print, and multimedia resources
  • Analyzing those sources and demonstrating their understanding with academic rigor
  • Seeking and evaluating a range of views with an open mind

CDS students present their ideas with clarity, creativity, purpose, and an understanding of their audience by:

  • Speaking and writing in precise English, and at least one other World Language
  • Giving careful thought and attention to the words of others
  • Communicating using appropriate technology and the visual and performing arts

CDS students work with others by:

  • Recognizing that collaboration can produce synergistic results
  • Endeavoring to make interaction smooth, respectful, and productive
  • Knowing when to allow the group’s needs to supersede their own

CDS students contribute positively to society by:

  • Displaying respect for others in all words and actions
  • Volunteering their time and talents to make positive differences in the lives of others and to the environment
  • Leading an active, balanced, and healthy lifestyle