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founder of Cheongna Dalton School

CDS encourages students learn values of teamwork and consideration of others. The traits and skills developed at CDS will give them the opportunity to maximize their growth potential with flexibility and diversity

Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) is founded by Madame Bongduk Lee, who is also the founder of Bongduk Education Foundation which oversees the Hangaram High School in Seoul, Korea.

Madame Lee’s mission to educate and cultivate the talents of Korea was born in the midst of a country devastated by colonization and Korean War in the middle of the 20th century. In 1952, she and her husband established an elementary school using tents to hold classes to crusade against illiteracy and poverty. In 1960, women’s vocational school was formed to improve their labor status as well as their economic situation. Most recently in 1997, Hangaram High School was established as a means of educational reform in a country notorious for academic rigidity and unceasing study. Students were given autonomy from current standardized educational system and they were given flexibility in choosing their own courses of study. Many students at Hangaram choose to study rather than study because they have to. To date, Bongduk Education Foundation has educated more than 72,900 students from the elementary school to high school since its inception.

We now believe that it is time to cultivate the students who would be vital in global citizenry. Cheongna Dalton School aims to provide the type of education at world class level, which we believe is the key in global future. Future educational system should go beyond the nation-based and it should help students to foresee the changes which may emerge in volatile future.

We firmly believe that CDS can and needs to provide students an opportunity to develop their own talents and ability, as well as to learn to respect others within and outside of their communities and countries. We envision our students to strive together for the better future of mankind, contribute to the development of all nations, and advance the causes for world peace and cultural growth.

Cheongna Dalton School is currently the only international school established by the non-for profit Korean education foundation. Our foundation is set and committed to the Dalton Plan in pursuing the cultivation of the creativity, self-driven academic ability, adaptability, leadership and teamwork which are the key stones for the students leading the future with the faculty members from all over the world. Our school strives to achieve this goal through curriculum and education system whose excellent qualities are recognized by many other outstanding schools around the world.

History Image
  • arrow 학교 개교일: 2011년 9월 1일
  • arrow 학교 운영법인: 학교법인 봉덕학원 (현재 자율형 사립 한가람고등학교 운영)
학교 설립 추진절차
  • arrow 2009년 9월 25일: 학교 설립 우선 협상 대상자 선정
  • arrow 2009년 11월 20일: 학교 부지 매입 계약 체결
  • arrow 2009년 12월 22일: 인천경제자유구역청과 자금지원협약 체결
  • arrow 2010년 2월 17일: 인천광역시 교육청의 학교 건축 인가
  • arrow 2010년 8월~ 2011년 8월: 학교 공사 및 신규 교사 채용
  • arrow 2011년 3월 16일: 학교 설립 인가
  • arrow 2011년 3월 25일: 국내 학력 인정 기관 지정
  • arrow 2011년 9월 1일: 개교

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